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Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword – it’s the new reality.

In mid-size businesses, digital transformation is driven by the finance profession, with 6 in 10 financial decision-makers saying they are leading the charge in their organisation.

But how does this impact the role of today’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO)?

Over three-quarters of finance leaders agree that if emerging technology is going to be transformational, they need to upskill their knowledge and resources to ensure success.

Download and read the ‘CFO 3.0 – Digital transformation beyond financial management’ eBook to understand the evolving finance function and how visionary CFO’s will need to:

  • Be versatile. Marrying accounting, analytics and strategic thinking in a single package.
  • Be innovative. Harness technology to improve data governance, cybersecurity and foster strategic thinking in the finance department.
  • Be bold, brave and brash enough to take the lead. Confidence can be achieved when you implement the right software, therefore, more can be achieved in terms of workload.

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