How can distribution businesses remain innovative?

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The future of the distribution industry is uncertain after the dual-hits of the pandemic and Brexit, which have both left their marks on businesses around the UK.

Contemplation over ‘innovation being a key resolution and a driving force’ has been active within this industry for a long period of time.

In 2021, the majority of UK distributors invested more into innovation than in previous years, aiming to refocus the industry to be more resilient to ever-changing customer needs.

This change in industry direction was not exclusive to distribution. Manufacturers have also altered their operations in reaction to current market conditions; and are building fully integrated distribution channels that shrink the supply chain.

By moving quickly, these distribution and manufacturing companies were able to increase market share and tight margins. They were also able to create deeper customer relationships and retain and seek new competitive advantages by adopting smart technology solutions.

To find out more download and read the ‘Innovation in distribution’ guide. This guide will help you map out a bold innovation strategy, fast. It covers:

  • Areas of focus and opportunity for distributors
  • Components required for a direct to consumer (DTC) strategy
  • Best practice for continuous optimisation

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