How to remain innovative in the distribution industry

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The pandemic has shifted the way that consumers operate and has brought the direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model into sharp focus for many.

As stores shut down, and national and local lockdowns kept shoppers in their homes, many swapped in-store purchases for online shopping. However, as we begin to enter this new normal we find the situation has changed again. So how can distributors remain relevant in this ever-lean landscape?

In reaction to current market conditions, manufacturers are building fully integrated distribution channels that shrink the supply chain. This simplified DTC model is set up by using data to expose and target high-value segments and the rewards are significant.

While disintermediation is challenging for distributors, it is possible to add value and even thrive. By capitalising on strengths, such as deep product knowledge, service capabilities, and technical expertise, you can make key operational and strategic changes.

So the question on everyone’s lips is how to remain innovative in distribution? Well, Sage’s guide will help you to map out a bold strategy, fast, it covers:

  • Areas of focus and opportunity for distributors
  • Components required for a DTC strategy
  • Best practice for continuous optimisation

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