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List views contain a lot of useful information which can be used to pre-populate screens, report on or export to Excel.

Whilst this is useful, sometimes there can be a lot of data. It is much easier to work with list views in Sage 200 when you can filter data.

Watch the video below or read through the instructions to see how you can make the most of these list view filters in Sage 200.

To filter by a criteria, all List views in Sage 200 have a filter option.

To create a filter, select the ‘Filter’ icon.

The maintain filters screen will open.

Select ‘New’.

Here, you are able to amend the name.

If you want other users to have access to this filter then select the ‘Public’ checkbox.

Build up the filter by selecting a ‘Column’ to choose the data you want to filter on. All Columns available to the List view are usable (not just those on display).

Choose the ‘Condition’ you want the data to meet (this list is dependant on the type of data the selected column would contain).

Then specify the ‘Value’ for the condition to meet. This field will work relevant to the Column and Condition selected. So, it may be a predefined list to select from, numerical field, date based field or free text.

For this example, we have selected another column, as the condition is to compare the data in another column.

It is possible to add multiple lines to the filter to allow for you to specify And / Or scenarios which you can determine by the ‘Join’ field.

Select ‘Save’ and ‘Close’.

The filter is now stored in the filter dropdown list where it can be selected to filter the List View data.

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