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List views in Sage 200 are a key element in navigating the system to suit your needs.

This seems like a pretty obvious and self-explanatory aspect of Sage 200, but as there are many ways to do one task in Sage 200 it can be quite confusing.

This list view tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about list views in Sage 200 and their many functions so that you can use your Sage easily and efficiently.

In each module there are an array of list views. To keep it simple, in this tutorial Hannah will take you through list views in the sales ledger.

List views are constantly similar throughout each module with slight changes unique the module. For example, the tasks (actions) change depending on the module.

Topics covered:

  • How to apply filters to the list view
  • How to adjust, customise and remove columns
  • How to export your filtered/unfiltered data to excel
  • How to combine columns and filters to make accurate searches through your database
  • How tasks and actions vary depending on the module you are in

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