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Over the years, Panintelligence has gone from strength to strength and has now established itself as a market leader in the world of business intelligence (BI).

More recently, in the last 5 years to be precise, they have driven their focus towards building the most advanced set of embedded analytics tools on the market.

From rapid cloud developments, a movement towards ‘no-code’ and ‘low-code’ solutions and users wanting to access their data differently, there is no doubt that the market is changing fast. As a result of the rapidly changing environment and close analysis of customer needs and the market, Panintelligence offers progressive and valuable BI tool functionality, enabling you to get ROI on your data, quickly.

So what are Panintelligence planning for 2021?

Here is a quick overview of what the Panitelligence team have planned for the rest of the year, they have already begun and you can read more about the Panintelligence 2021 Roadmap here.

Simplify data integration to cloud data sources

  • Open the cloud ecosystem by increasing data connectivity through onboarding strategic partnerships with third parties such as Panopoly
  • Simplify their own JDBC driver list so that connecting to new data sources become more efficient

Reduce implementation costs and effort

  • Provide simple solutions to complex problems (remove consultancy dependency)
  • Self-service onboarding (learn pi)

Develop a multi-cloud deployment solution

  • Continue to simplify their AWS offering
  • Provide deployments to Azure and GCP
  • Develop Azure and GCP Native Marketplace offerings

Triage and error reporting

  • Development of technology that automatically and silently collects and sends information back to the Partner and Panintelligence, when Pi encounters unhandled exceptions

Exporting to PowerPoint

The export to PowerPoint option is a brilliant feature that provides users with the ability to download charts, tables and reports as PowerPoint files (.pptx).

Exporting tables

When a table is exported you will be able to use the ‘Table Design’ tab in PowerPoint to customise the table.

In the following example, we exported the table and then formatted the table header to include a background colour on the header row.

Export Charts

When a chart is exported, it will appear in PowerPoint as an image. You will not be able to make any formatting changes to the chart but you will be able to change the placement of the chart on the slide and resize it.

What do we think about these new features?

We asked our resident Pan expert, Richard Torr, what he thought about these new features and the future of Panintelligence.

“Panintelligence are a very progressive company that is at the forefront of business intelligence and AI learning. They recently rebranded with the berry logo and also released a new set of themes (including PiBerry) which is a clean theme and improves the user interface greatly.

Panintelligence has always been a powerful product and adding new features is sometimes difficult, but they have recently extended the integration with MS Office and you can export to Word and PowerPoint (you can also export to Excel, as before). Security is a big thing for customers and they have also added more layers of security including OAuth.

One nice feature added recently is the ability to assign an image to a value, so this could be a staff member of maybe a product group as a picture rather than just text and charts everywhere – just a nice little way of varying the visualisations. The table chart is currently undergoing ‘maintenance’ and should allow users to expand and collapse columns with subtotals very soon, so watch this space.

Kelvin has joined Panintelligence as our account manager and is already strengthening the strong relationship between PKF Smith Cooper Systems and Panintelligence.”

If you would like to discuss these new features in more detail and how you can utilise them, then please use the enquiry form or call 01332 959 008.

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