Re-imagining the role of the CFO

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The nature of business is evolving, and digitisation is playing a huge role in the way we construct, organise and operate companies.

The role of the CFO is no longer focused on number crunching. With powerful analytical data at their fingertips, CFOs are poised to be agents for change.

Digital transformation was a term that was thrown around a lot without much understanding as to what it meant, but it is no longer just a buzzword, it’s a new reality. In mid-size businesses, it’s being driven by the finance profession, with 6 in 10 financial decision-makers saying they are leading the charge in their organisation.

But how does this impact the role of today’s CFO?

Download our guide to learn how CFO’s need to prepare the finance function in the wake of this digitisation.

We will cover:

  • How the finance function is leading the charge for digitisation
  • How to manage uncertainty during this evolution
  • What’s worrying finance leaders
  • How CFO’s should be shaping the strategy
  • The roles and disciplines CFO’s will need in the future

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