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End of support for Sage 50 Manufacturing

Sage has recently announced a Sage 50 Manufacturing support update. So, with effect from 30th September 2021, Sage 50 Manufacturing will no longer be supported.

This does not mean that the software will stop working after that date, but there will be no further development of the product. Smith Cooper will continue to support your system, but this will be on a best endeavour basis as we will no longer have support from Sage as we do now.

If you are currently using Sage 50 Manufacturing alongside your Sage 50 system it might be time to start looking towards another solution. As you may know, Sage 200 is better suited to a manufacturing environment.

What happens now?

We have worked with Sage UK and our own commercial team to pull together a package to transfer you off Sage 50/Sage 50 Manufacturing and onto Sage 200. We are confident that this package will be comparable to your Sage 50 monthly and annual Sage 50 MFG costs.

This Sage 50 Manufacturing support update means that, whilst there is no rush to make changes right now, it is important to start considering your options as soon as possible. Smith Cooper is widely recognised as one of the best Sage Manufacturing partners in the UK and will fully support you through the process.

If you want to discuss the best way forward for your business we can arrange calls, demos or a site visit as required.

Important dates:

  • Sage 50 Manufacturing moves into extended support effective 01 October 2020.
  • All support and services from Sage will cease effective 30 September 2021.
  • Sage will increase the price of the Sage 50 Manufacturing software and services by 40% effective 01 November 2020
  • 01 Dec 2020 – no new sales, attributes. 

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this article then please contact your account manager, call 01332 959 008 or email [email protected].

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