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Like other Sage software, Sage constantly updates Sage CRM to make sure it’s working for its customers.

With the release of Sage CRM 2023 R2, we’ve been reviewing the changes you need to know about.

In this release, there have been improvements to end user features, and integration and administrative capabilities.

Multiple Read-Only tabs

As you’ll see from the words of our CRM expert, Peter Clark, below, one of the headline improvements in this version of Sage CRM is the inclusion of multiple read-only tabs.

With this new release, Company, Lead, or Opportunity records can be opened in multiple browser tabs. This means you no longer have to waste time switching between CRM screens to view this information, making you more efficient.

View workflow rules and actions without stopping process automation

Administrators no longer need to disable a workflow to view the details of its rules and underlying actions. This feature was requested by implementers & administrators globally.

Enhancements to the Pipeline Reporting graphic

Users and administrators can now hide pipeline stages that have “zero information”, focusing attention on the most important data and making the most of available screen space.

Our CRM expert Peter Clark says:

“Sage CRM 2023 R2’s Multiple Read-Only Tab feature is a game-changer for users who need to compare data from multiple screens at the same time. It allows you to open a read-only version of any screen in a new browser tab, so you can easily switch back and forth without losing your place.  This feature is especially useful for tasks such as Verifying data accuracy and comparing different versions of data, such as two different quotes or two different customer records.”

“On the Admin side, particularly those that use Sage CRM’s inbuilt Workflow Engine, you can now drill into Workflow Rules and the Actions behind them without needing to first disable the Workflow.  A welcome addition for System Administrators.”

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