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Sage CRM 2024 R1 is here! Sage is constantly updating its software to make sure it gives customers what they want, and enabling them to get the most out of their finance system.

This latest release improves the user experience, enhances security, and lays the groundwork for future advancements.

Our very own Sage CRM Team Leader, Peter Clark, has shared his insight on the latest release notes:

“Since the introduction of Qnect200 and the move to a “standalone” Sage CRM system, planning and applying new versions and releases has never been easier.

Each software release can include security enhancements, improved performance, access to new features as well as resolutions to known issues and bugs.

The release of Sage CRM 2024 encompasses all of the above, with the introduction of record tagging to classify records, the ability to sort Favourite lists and text formatting in multi-line text fields as notable new features, along with the resolution of 40+ known issues.”

Top Enhancements

Sorting Favourites

Users can now sort entries in a favourites list either by the first word in their name, or oldest to newest, making it easier to group data together.

Prevent External URLs in Website Gadgets

There’s a new checkbox in the system behaviour settings – Allow external URLs in website gadgets. This lets system administrators enable or disable external URLs in the website gadgets.

Allowing external URLs makes Sage CRM less secure because users can be potentially redirected to a malicious URL.

As a result, this box is unchecked by default. This means the website gadgets can only contain static URLs that begin with #crm_server#, guaranteeing a URL can only reference a file located on the Sage CRM server.

Warning: Because Allow external URLs in website gadgets is cleared by default, after you upgrade to Sage CRM 2024 R1, all external URLs in your website gadgets will stop working.

Apply Formatting to Text Fields

Users can now format text fields with standard HTML. This means it’s now easier to emphasise important parts of the text for on-screen consumption.

CRM Record Tags

A tag is a label a user can add to records in Sage CRM to classify them. They work similarly to hashtags on social networks and can be used to gather together records for reporting or creating a group. Tags are available on case, company, lead, quote, order, opportunity, person, and solution records.

So, what actions do you need to take as users?

If you would like to discuss upgrading your current Sage CRM system to this latest release, please contact your Account Manager.

If you have any questions about Sage CRM 2024 R1, please get in touch by filling out an enquiry form or call us on 01332 959 008.

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