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Sage Intacct 2024 R2 is here! Sage is constantly updating its software to make sure it gives customers what they want, and enabling them to get the most out of their finance system. We have reviewed all the new features and improvements included in the latest release and have highlighted some of our favourites.

In this release, there are several new changes either newly created or enhancements to the current system, which will make your day to day tasks easier, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Please note: This article is specifically referring to the United Kingdom release. If you’re based in another country, you may not have access to all the features mentioned here.

Top Enhancements

Order Entry – Blanket Purchase Order Price Conversion

You can now track non-inventoried items in terms of price instead of quantity. This will help your efficiency, particularly if you’re working on a project with billable hours that has an approved spending amount.

Cash Management – Bank Transaction Assistant File Import

A new guided bank data import experience helps you save time, and automatically includes support for OFX and QIF files alongside many others.

Imported transactions appear in a centralised location for all bank accounts on the Bank transactions page, and will remain there even after reconciliations. This is useful if you ever need to do retrospective reporting or comparisons.

Time and Expenses – Sage Intelligent Time

Previously only available to early adopters, Sage Intelligent Time is now embedded into Sage Intacct for everyone. This means you can manage your timesheets directly within Sage Intacct, with AI-powered time capture intelligently gathering and organising activities during your workday, as well as suggesting more.

Sage Fixed Assets Management – Purchasing Integration

You’re now able to create fixed assets automatically from supplier invoices and other transactions, streamlining this part of your process.

Each line in a transaction can generate 1 asset, and only transactions that post to Accounts Payable can create assets.

Industry Insights – Boosted Revenue Management

In an idea that Sage Intacct users like you have suggested, filters and layout changes have been added to the Manage Revenue Schedules page.

There are now new dimensions and dimension group filters. Below is a short list of those available, but your individual ones are based on your subscriptions and your General Ledger dimension configuration.

  • Customer or customer group
  • Contract or contract group
  • Location or location group
  • Department or department group
  • Class or class group
  • Item or item group
  • Project or project group

Our favourite feature from this release

In case you were interested, we’re sharing what our favourite feature is out of this release, and it’s the Bill for services with blanket sales orders.

This feature allows clients to now convert orders by either Price or Quantity, where as previously this had only been quantity (you would need to use decimal places to leave the order open). You can now convert by price so, an order could be part converted and stay open for instances where they would maybe part pay an order.

Example: If someone ordered 1 x software £50k and this was paid in milestone billing (so two or three parts), they would have needed to convert using decimals on the quantity to keep the order open (0.5 £25k etc). However, now they can keep the quantity the same and just use the price.  

Please note: This image shows how to turn on this feature on Sage.

To read the full set of release notes, click here.

Actions required by you:

Good news! There are no actions required as updates will be automatically applied when you log in. Occasionally, some features will have permissions which would need to be turned on, so if there is something you cannot see, then you will need to go and check your permissions in Company > Admin > Users > Roles > Permissions.

If you have any questions about Sage Intacct 2024 R2, please get in touch by filling out an enquiry form or call us on 01332 959 008.

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