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What is Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct is best-in-class cloud financial software delivering deep accounting capabilities across multiple industries.

A powerful and successful accounting solution, Sage Intacct prides itself on its innovative features and flexible integration connections.

Sage Intacct’s modular true cloud accounting solution meets your business needs today, tomorrow and in the future. It gives you the flexibility to easily add more functionality whenever you need.

A true “born in the cloud” product, Sage Intacct brings powerful automation of complex processes and multi-dimensional data analysis, regardless of your company or group structure.

With a core focus and ethos on customer return on investment (ROI) since 2001, Sage Intacct has achieved the highest scores on customer satisfaction, product direction and net promoter scores based on over 2,000 independent and verified reviews.


Supporting businesses across the UK

Ideal for companies with:

  • Multi Dimensional, Multi Entity Accounts Reporting

  • Professional Services & Project Reporting

  • Not For Profit Organisational structure

  • Repeat Billing or SAAS model

  • Need for robust API links to best in class accounts

  • Global consolidations or localised Tax for US/AUS/SA

Key Software Features

  • The Sage Intacct Platform - 100% of resources are focused on one foundation product

  • Quarterly release schedule - 4 comprehensive new releases per year

  • Integrations and customizations guaranteed not to break with new releases

  • Commitment to be #1 for customer satisfaction with Industry leading 95% customer renewal rate

  • Built for the Cloud - Robust technology infrastructure with 99.998% uptime

Sage Intacct is Built for Finance
Delivering the best-in-class accounting capabilities across a multitude of industries including Not for Profit and Professional Services. Sage Intacct was built for finance and we speak finance. Our specialists who design and implement Intacct solutions for our customers are already experienced in all things finance.

Sage Intacct is Built for Success
In less than six months, customers achieve an average of 250% return on investment and payback. A fact which is supported by G2 Crowds reports boasting the highest customer satisfaction rating.

Sage Intacct is Built to Scale
Finance leaders using Sage Intacct are enabled to be in a position to drive growth, reducing time to close by up to 79%, seeing real-time reporting.

Sage Intacct is Built for the Cloud
Sage Intacct handles over fifty billion financial records, one billion API calls per month, and one hundred million application requests per day. The cloud-based solution comes without the cost and hassle of managing servers, giving you the room you need to grow.

Sage Intacct’s financial management platform is everything you need to increase team productivity, make faster more informed decisions, and transform your business.

Accounts Payable
Workflows can be streamlined with speed and efficiency across the AP cycle

Accounts Receivable
Accelerate your cash cycle by automating the collections and invoicing process

Cash Management
Easy reconciliations and track multiple accounts with real time visibility

Order Management
Improve profitability by automating complex high volume quote to cash cycles

General Ledger
Consolidate multiple currencies, entities and geographies in minutes

Achieve visibility, accuracy and speed with structured approvals and transactions

The 5 Pillars of Sage Intacct

The Foundation of the Sage Intacct Platform

  • Quarterly Releases –100% Finance
  • Single Entity to ‘N’ Entities capability
  • Permissions & Security
  • Multi Dimensional processing and Reporting
  • Inter-entity & multi entity processing
  • Shared master data enables collaboration
  • Centralised Platform Services

Configuration – Powerful, Flexible, Scalable and Easy

  • Horizontal Flexibility to Support Vertical Requirement
  • Purchase-To-Pay Process
  • Quote-To-Cash Process
  • Transact-To-Report Process
  • Time & Billing Workflow
  • Subscription Billing & Revenue Recognition
  • Transaction Definitions
  • Approvals Routes and Workflow
  • Responsive UI & Navigation


  • Best In Class Integration
  • Open API
  • Developer Community
  • Walk, Jog, Run (csv, semi auto, full auto options)
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Build With Confidence – Integrations that don’t break with updates

Insight – Role based, simple, intuitive tools

  • Unlimited navigation options
  • Secure and configurable access
  • Designed by Users for Users
  • Real time, comprehensive enquiries & views
  • Drill down to source data
  • Not just reports & graphs
  • Pre-defined ‘Board Packs’

Reporting & Analysis

  • Dimensions, Groups & Structures,
  • Core Systems, Modular & User Defined Reporting
  • Financial Reports vs Financial Statements (Dimension Reports)
  • Graphs, Charts & Dashboards
  • Budget vs Actual Comparative
  • Interactive Report Writer
  • Permissions, incl. Drill Down

Sage Intacct FAQs

  • What is Sage Intacct?

    Sage Intacct is a true cloud software solution with a wide feature set but with a key focus and strength around core accounting capabilities. The product name was originally derived from the words ‘internet’ and ‘accounting’.

  • Is Sage intacct cloud based?

    Sage Intacct is a true “born in the cloud” product. From its creation, Sage Intacct has always been a native cloud-based solution.

  • How much does Sage Intacct cost?

    Like all business software, the price of the total solution is very subjective to the make up of the licences and the scope of the project. One of the key strengths of the product is that it is very flexible in terms of functionality but also very scaleable in terms of users and data volumes. You can get an initial estimate for Sage Intaact HERE.

  • Which Industries work well with Sage Intacct?

    The product isn’t aimed at any one industry however the nature of the core, accounting based, feature set means that it has had great success in many specific vertical markets. These include Not for Profit, Professional Services, SAAS, Healthcare, Hospitality, Financial Services and many more.

  • Can I Integrate to Sage Intacct?

    Yes you can. Sage Intacct comes with its own API and ‘best in class’ integration capability. Click this link to find out more detail on the Sage Intacct API and you integration options.

  • How long does it take to implement Sage Intacct?

    This is very subjective to your project requirements. There are various ‘quick start’ packages available for smaller projects with simple requirements. However larger projects will be driven by a formal scoping exercise and could include many elements such as system configuration, data migration, training, document design, user acceptance testing, project management and perhaps development services if there is an integration element. Smith Cooper will discuss your requirements and provide an initial estimate very early in our discussions. We will then firm this up as our discussion progress.

  • Does Sage Intacct have Payroll?

    No, there is currently no Payroll module within Sage Intacct. However it is very easy to import journals or to create a journal template so you can simply add the numbers and post each month.

  • What is the difference between Sage 50 and Sage Intacct?

    Sage 50 is the most popular accounting software for small business in the UK but is predominantly still an on premise solution with some cloud connected functions. Sage Intacct is a true cloud solution and is much more flexible and scaleable. It is designed to handle much more data and more complex processes.

  • How easy is it to migrate to Sage Intacct?

    The cloud based nature of Intacct means that it is quick to deploy and there is non of the usual consideration for technical requirements. However each migration is subjective to the scope of the project in the same way as any other new implementation. For Sage 50 users, there are various standard implementation packages, data migration tools and you can find out more about migrating to Intacct from Sage 50 in this article.

  • Does Sage Intacct include Stock and Inventory?

    Yes there is an Inventory management module which integrates to all the core commercial modules (e.g. Sales and Purchase order processing). It also include multiple warehouse functionality.

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