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Everything you need to know about PKF SCS's Project Management Services

Project Management is a critical element to any software project. Regardless of the size and scale, working to an agreed plan and schedule is essential to achieving a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Why is Project Management important?

Project management brings a variety of benefits. It enables leadership to manage projects and ensure that each and every deliverable and objective is completed on schedule, effectively and efficiently. It also provides the extra guarantee that the tasks being carried out align with the overall project outline and it can mitigate risks, optimise resources and reduce project costs.

Our team has an abundance of experience and knowledge which they will be able to share with you to help complete your project efficiently, on time and with less stress.

Benefits of using PKF SCS Project Management:

Enhanced Communication

The Project Manager will work closely with customers as a main contact point, to facilitate all stakeholders are kept informed and engaged throughout the project.

Risk Mitigation

Potential risks and issues are identified early in the process allowing for proactive mitigation measures to avoid delays or cost overruns.

Quality Assurance

Structured approaches with quality standards are conducted throughout the implementation. This includes testing, reviewing, and post go-live support to ensure high-quality deliverables that meet customers’ requirements.

Change Control

Changes to the initial project scope would be assessed and managed to minimise disruption and keep the project on track.

Resources Optimisation

Essential resources (time, delivery team, software) are allocated efficiently and effectively to ensure optimal utilisation throughout the process.

What can PKF SCS offer you?

We have 2 tiers of Project Management services available: Lite and Full.

For further information or to discuss these options further, please contact our team via email: [email protected] or phone 01332 959 008.

Why work with PKF Smith Cooper Systems?

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Our business is built on long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. We provide quality service and solutions that work for our clients in the short, medium, and long term.

Industry Experts

All our staff are fully accredited in the full range of the Sage 200 Suite and we will never sell you any third party add-on that our staff are not trained to deliver and support directly.

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Project Management FAQ

  • Why is project management important?

    Although goals and outcomes may have been agreed, without a structured plan, allocation of tasks and management of the same, the likelihood of a successful outcome are massively diminished.

  • How much will it cost?

    This is clearly subjective to the size and scale of your project, which will dictate the level of engagement required. In small to medium projects, many companies will quote around 10% of the professional services estimate for project management. However this can vary based on numerous factors such as complexity, number of parties involved, level of agreed communication plan etc.

  • What support will I receive?

    Where the project is large, complex or has multiple dependencies, our Project Manager will oversee its successful delivery with our team of consultants through regular project review meetings, clear communication, clear roles and responsibilities for each project stage, risk, and dependency.

  • Will the PKF SCS Project Manager provide liaison for my team/all parties on the project?

    Whilst our Project Manager (PM) will of course liaise with all parties involved in any project, it is important that you allocate your own project manager or project lead who takes responsibility for your overall project, internally. Your PKF SCS PM will liaise with your PM as the main contact and will support with project documents to ensure risks and issues are managed throughout the project lifecycle. However, it is the responsibility of the client PM to manage the internal team and any third parties you have engaged (e.g. web developers, software not provided by PKF SCS etc).

  • Can project management costs be capitalised?

    Whilst you should always take advice from your accountant, many companies do choose to capitalize project management costs. The decision is largely based on the company’s specific situation, financial targets and available resources. You can refer to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for specific guidelines.

  • Do PKF SCS operate a specific methodology such as Prince 2, Scrum, Kanban etc?

    We use a hybrid project methodology which aims to create a tailored approach to suits the specific needs of an individual project. This tailored approach recognises that different projects may require different management techniques based on factors such as project size, complexity, time frame, team dynamics, stakeholder involvement and organisational culture. It involves principles and practices from Waterfall, Agile, and Lean methodologies to provide flexibility, adaptability, and improved project outcomes.

  • How often will our Project Manager engage with us?

    This is subjective to the size, complexity and requirements of the project and can be agreed as part of the project scope.

  • Will our project management meetings be face to face or remote?

    Again, this is very subjective based on the project and the nature of the communication. For example formal scopes are virtually always done face to face, however weekly catch-ups are easier managed remotely. At PKF SCS, we are always happy to visit our clients and are comfortable to agree a communication format to best fit the given situation.

  • Is project management the same as change management?

    No. In the context of project management, change management is generally a component or methodology within the overarching project. For example, if the client requires a change from scope or wishes to introduce a new element mid-project.