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Since the relaunch of PKF Smith Cooper Systems in 2014, our business has enjoyed significant growth based on a fundamental Sage client services ethos of being the ‘Good Guys To Deal With’.

As we have grown, our internal processes and procedures needed to evolve in line with the volume of clients, the increased numbers of our own internal team, the complexities of dealing with our suppliers and the constant liaison required between all parties. With this in mind our Client Services team was born.

Managed by Victoria Riley, our client services team acts as a liaison between our various internal departments, our suppliers and our valued clients.

For all of our small works and development projects, the Client Services team will be the point of call for clients to interact with, agree dates, advise updates or changes to the plan etc.

With regard to larger projects our client services team will provide the administration back up to our technical teams in relation to organising licences, keeping our project systems up to date and assisting with both internal (inter department) and external change management.

Although a key area of focus, our Sage client services team is not just about project management. They can also help with various day to day client queries that perhaps don’t fall clearly into one specific department. In this instance, we will provide you with a point of contact and we will bring the correct technical or sales resource to the conversation as required.

Our team also play a key role in our supplier relationships, liaising daily with Sage, Sicon, Draycir etc. to assist with any issues or questions where the involvement of a supplier is required.

Although still a relatively new department, our Sage client services team has quickly become a key component in our operation. By creating a department with no other focus aside from helping our customers, you can be sure that with PKF Smith Cooper Systems, your Sage support is in safe hands.

Why work with PKF Smith Cooper Systems?

The Good Guys To Deal With

Our business is built on long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. We provide quality service and solutions that work for our clients in the short, medium, and long term.

Industry Experts

All our staff are fully accredited in the full range of the Sage 200 Suite and we will never sell you any third party add-on that our staff are not trained to deliver and support directly.

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