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Supporting and developing your Sage Intacct software is what we do!

The Finance Department is often the heartbeat of many organisations. The smooth processing, reporting and associated flow of cash in and out the business, can often underpin every other process in the company. The Sage Intacct support team at PKF Smith Cooper Systems understand how complex some business processes can be and their importance to your business. They can also empathise with your frustration when things don’t seem to work as they should.

Our multi-award-winning and talented support team is staffed by accredited Sage Intacct technicians with consultancy level skillsets.

Whilst we have an escalation process for severe faults (e.g. system down), we do not have an SLA as we believe this is simply a tool to justify bad service. Instead, we offer a support partnership agreement which we think is a much better way to work.

Our Sage Intacct support contracts normally relate to a one year period in line with the annual software subscription and have no cap or additional charges based on usage. We are, of course, happy to discuss long term contracts as required. Also, monthly interest-free payments are available as standard and our rates are highly competitive.

PKF Smith Cooper Systems are the current Sage Customer Success Partner of the Year which was awarded to us for our outstanding achievements in customer acquisition, service, retention and development.

In the event that our clients like our service, we always ask that they tell their peers or business associates. In the rare event that they don’t, we ask that they tell our Directors in the first instance so we can constantly self-evaluate and improve our offering still further.

Sage Intacct Support Transfer & Renewal Quotation Requests

If your Sage Intacct annual support is currently being provided by another Sage Business Partner and you would like to review your support options or perhaps just get a ‘second opinion’, please feel free to log your details on our contact form or give us a call.

Alternately, you may have purchased your Sage Intacct system directly from Sage and would prefer a closer business relationship with an actual partner now the initial implementation is done.

In any regard, we would be delighted to discuss your Sage Intacct system and/or Sage support options, help with any questions you may have and we will always respond by return.

Give our support team a call on 01332 959008 or email them on [email protected]

Why work with PKF Smith Cooper Systems?

The Good Guys to Deal With

Our business is built on long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. We provide quality service and solutions that work for our clients in the short, medium, and long term.

Industry Experts

All our staff are fully accredited in Sage Intacct and we will never sell you any third party add-on that our staff are not trained to deliver and support directly.

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Sage Intacct Support FAQ

  • How much does Sage Intacct Support cost?

    Sage Intacct Support costs are very subjective and calculated based on various factors. These include the core product, additional modules, number of users, marketplace add-on modules, development  etc.

  • Is there a limit of how many times I can call Sage Intacct Support?

    Absolutely not. There is no contracted restriction on the number of calls made to our team and we do not offer “support credits”. However for repeat questions, we may on occasion suggest further training.

  • How do I contact Sage Intacct Support?

    For Sage Intacct support call 01332 959008 or email [email protected]. For Sage 50 or Payroll support, visit the Sage Support homepage and choose the appropriate option.

  • Does my Sage Intacct Software Subscription include support?

    No. This is simply your annual subscription for the software which provides ongoing licence for usage, software updates, hot fixes, legislative updates etc. This is provided by Sage via ourselves. If you have Sage Intacct you will also need a telephone support contract alongside this with an accredited partner.

  • Do I have to pay for my Sage Intacct support annually?

    Not if you don’t want to. You can pay for your Sage Intacct support fees monthly, quarterly or annually to suit your business.

  • We never call support. Why do we need Sage Intacct support?

    It’s true that some sites are low maintenance and rarely use their Sage support service. However support is not only for day to day assistance and ‘how to’ queries, it is also insurance. Examples of specific events we see that can cause Sage issues are extreme power outages, integration failures, cyber attacks and serious data problems caused by user error.

  • What time is Sage helpline open?

    PKF Smith Cooper Systems’ Sage Intacct Support desk is open from 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.