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Sicon Cashflow for Sage 200 allows you to drag, drop and amend income and expenditure items to reflect expected cash impact on your business.

Sicon Cash Flow, for Sage 200, gives you the freedom to design your cash flow formats to suit your business, from bank accounts, sales and purchase invoices/orders to nominal and ad-hoc spending.

The key to this product is the user friendly interface that displays relevant cash related information held within Sage 200 in a simple to understand format with the benefit of being able to manipulate transaction dates using an interactive graphical drag and drop scheduler for simple cash flow management.


Supporting businesses across the UK

Ideal for companies with:

  • Key Performance Indicators around Cash

  • Large amounts of cash movements

  • Requirement to forecast in multiple currencies

  • Need to forecast by day week month or year

Key Software Features

  • Design cash flow management structure to suit your business

  • Easy export to Microsoft Excel

  • Include bank, sales, purchase and nominal ledger budgets

  • Enter sales forecasts for "what if" forecasting

  • Add notes to all transactions from within the cash flow


  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200
  • Available for all Sage 200 users based on permissions.
  • Design your specific cash flow management structure, select a timeframe and display options.
  • Include bank accounts, sales ledger and purchase ledger invoices, nominal ledger budgets plus Sales and Purchase orders into the structure.
  • Include ad-hoc income and expenditure into the plan for un-budgeted items.
  • Enter sales forecasts where cash receipts are based on retail or cash activities.
  • Flag sales invoices as bad debts to exclude from cash flow summary.
  • Filter the cash flow to show banks and transactions in specific currencies.
  • Load the forecast and use the drag and drop functionality to move items to their expected cash impact date.
  • Build a specific cash flow forecast structure to allow long term planning of income and expenditure.
  • Load up to 5 years of cash flow forecasts using the current position plus nominal budgets.
  • Amend the forecast and budgets from within the drag and drop interface to create future income and expenditure scenarios.
  • Can be used to assist credit control by adding and reviewing existing invoice memo’s.
  • Add notes to all transactions from within the cash flow.
  • Customer average time to pay option can be used instead of customer standard terms.
  • Day, week and month view is available across the module.
  • Export the forecast to Excel.

If you like further information please call us on 01332 959008 or email [email protected]

Sicon Cashflow FAQ's

  • Can I use the Cash Flow module for Credit Control?

    Yes. It is possible to use the Sicon Cash Flow Module with particular emphasis on its ability to manage credit control and it will give a direct representation of the aged debtor position in real-time from within Sage 200. Sage 200 users are able to see overdue invoices, add credit control notes, move the invoice to new promised payment date and with a new feature recently added, we can also flag an invoice as a potential bad debt to provide a much more detailed credit control and aged debtors position, all displayed within the Sicon Cash Flow Manager module within Sage 200.

  • Do you have any other customers who currently use WAP and this module successfully?

    WAP generates a Purchase Order into Sage 200 once approved. All of the purchase orders are shown in the cash flow and the date for the payment is calculated as the requested date plus the supplier terms.

  • When I saw a demo of this product, all of the figures appeared in the Balances and Overdue column. Would the module be able to sort these balances automatically in to the relevant months based on due dates or is this manual?

    This was because the demo data was overdue. The cashflow automatically picks up the due dates of each transaction or calculates it based on promised and requested dates on orders in order to place it in the correct month on the cashflow forecast screen.

  • In the case that a company has several bank accounts e.g. deposits, can you set up individual templates for each bank account? If this is possible, can you consolidate within the module afterwards?

    We have more than one sterling bank account and certain receipts/payments get paid in/out of it. As an idea, you could setup a different currency e.g. Sterling 1, Sterling 2, Sterling 3 which would all be a base currency but each sales ledger account could then be linked to the correct bank account.

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