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Sicon Approvals provides data entry and approval processing for various business documents including Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders, Expenses, Timesheets and Holidays.

Sicon Approvals allows easy data entry and approval processing for a wide range of business documents.

Including modules for Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders, Expenses, Timesheets and Holidays; Sicon Approvals allows multiple users to input data to Sage and/or access data in Sage without the need to buy additional Sage 200 licences.

Options around approval route workflows are extensive and can be as simple or complex as required to suit your business process.

Supporting businesses across the UK

Ideal for companies with:

  • Remote or Dispersed Workforce

  • Formal Authorisation Process

  • Budget Holders who don't need Sage 200

  • Requirement for 2-1000 users

Key Software Features

  • Locally installed, web-based application

  • Real-time integration with Sage 200

  • Flexible authorisation rules

  • Integrated email notifications and reminders

  • Smart phone App

Sicon Approvals includes modules for Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders, Expenses, Timesheets and Holidays. User licences allow access to all modules purchased.

Sicon Approvals is a locally installed, web-based application designed specifically for real-time integration with Sage 200.

Multiple modules are available but you only need to buy user licences once, so the product can quickly become the hub of your remote processing into Sage 200.

PKF Smith Cooper Systems has extensive skills and experience with this product and has successfully implemented it in various application areas including remote Service Management, Schools, Care Homes and even a Zoo!

Crucially, we also support and implement the product fully in house and do NOT back our support or projects off to Sicon as many other Sage partners do.

Sicon Approvals Purchase Requisitions

Sicon Approvals Purchase Requisitions is by far the most popular Sicon Approvals module.

Non-Sage users are able to raise purchase requisitions using Sage 200 suppliers, nominal codes, stock items or free text items, Projects and budgets.

Budgets and nominal codes are allocated per user providing a variance view restricted to that user’s area of the business.

Documents can be easily attached to support the request and can be stored against the PO in Sage should the request be successful.

Once the order is approved the system will then automatically create purchase orders into Sage 200 to be progressed as normal.

Sicon Approvals is a fantastic module which in an appropriate environment, can add massive value to your investment in Sage 200.

If you would like to arrange an onsite demonstration of Approvals, an initial WebEx overview or would simply like to find out a little more of how Approvals could work for your business, then do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 959008.

Contact us today and find out how Sicon Approvals can elevate your business!

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