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The Spindle family of products by Draycir makes document management quick and easy whilst seamlessly integrating with your Sage business software.

Make your requisitions workflow pain-free with Spindle Requisitions for Sage 200.

Spindle Requisitions is designed to make the process of purchasing easier, helping businesses control expenditure more effectively, removing paper and administration time, and reducing untracked purchases.

Spindle Requisitions reduces the time and effort traditionally needed for the requisition process. Through emailing notifications and reminders to users and authorisers, Spindle Requisitions can streamline the workflow of requisitions.

Supporting businesses across the UK

Ideal for companies with:

  • Lots of paper based records

  • Users without a Sage licence

  • Users across different sites

  • Need to create requisitions for stock, non-stock and free-stock items

Key Software Features

  • Multiple approval route options available, including value and departments. Approve from within an email

  • Capture requisition requests electronically, minimising errors and loss of requisitions

  • Seamless integration with your Sage software

  • Create requisitions for stock items, non-stock and free-stock items

Save time and reduce admin costs

Items are receipted automatically when they come in – without you having to lift a finger. The software is also accessible from anywhere, letting you get out to customers while keeping your workflows going.

Choose the route that’s right for you

In Spindle Requisitions, you can alter the requisition approval route to suit you – including value and departments. You can also approve requisitions within emails, meaning you don’t have to switch between different platforms.

Accessible for Non-Sage Users

Requisitions are directly validated against Sage and converted to a Sage Purchase Order, so buying and receipting can both be done without a Sage user license.

Reduce fraudulent purchases

Fraudulent purchases drain your time – and your patience. Spindle Requisitions reduces them, meaning your business has more control over its expenditure.

Less errors, more efficiency

Don’t worry about losing requisitions or making errors – Spindle Requisitions captures every request electronically, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Create requisitions for any item, any time

You shouldn’t have to force your requisitions software to work for you – and with Spindle, you don’t have to. It has the flexibility to create requisitions for stock items, non-stock and free-stock items, meaning you can get your requisitions done faster, whatever item you’re faced with.

Improve stock visibility

Your stock moves fast. Spindle Requisitions helps you to keep track of it wherever it is, through increased receipt efficiency. When a customer shares procurement services, stock can be receipted into one location, helping stock management centrally.

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