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95% of CFOs say that their role has changed significantly in the past five years – and that rate of change is only going to increase.

No matter the shape or size of your business, your finance function is key. So when better to focus on it, than now?

Today’s CFO deals with so much more than their predecessors. Especially with the effects of multiple advances in technology, which make data more available throughout the business. This readily available data pool has begun to evolve the finance team from curators of past company data and historians of record, to owners of the “single version of the truth” that will drive the company forward.

At present, information is a key currency of operations and technology. Therefore, the role of the CFO now includes taking additional responsibilities for IT – owning tech investments, data processes, the deployment of automation technologies, and even information security.

At the same time, CFOs face a skills shortage. This is something that large firms may be able to resolve but for midsize businesses, where the CFO may be a single operator, everything from resourcing to succession planning is becoming more challenging.

So as a CFO, how can you thrive under today’s new pressures and evolve the finance function to meet the increasing needs of customers, shareholders and daily operations?

Sage’s e-book details seven steps forward:

  1. Think about the connected buisness
  2. discover value through automation
  3. Become a data scentist
  4. Anticipate the talent gap
  5. Think about cutsomer expectations
  6. Get a hanle on Cybersecurity
  7. Become the driver for change

Download the free ebook, ‘Seven steps for the next-generation CFO’, to read and learn more!

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