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With the release of Sicon Manufacturing v22, we’ve been reviewing the changes you need to know about.

There are several new features of this release, which all focus on Works Order Processing and Richard Brewster (PKF SCS Technical Director) has picked his top 5 enhancements.

Sicon Manufacturing is ever-evolving and this is, in part, due to the requests, requirements and feedback of day-to-day users who have direct input into shaping the next release of the product.

As we are a leading provider of Manufacturing systems for the Sage range, a number of these requests are from our very own clients.

Manufacturing - Sicon Release Notes

5 Top Enhancements

Back Flush Part Booked Works Orders
Part booking a Works Order in the Amend Works Order screen now triggers the Back Flush routine. This is a great feature as it allows sites that back flush (‘Flush’ the components through upon completion) to now record a part booking of a Works Order and backflush just those components from one screen.

Use Warehouse Hierarchy for Works Orders
This feature provides the user with the ability to choose any Warehouse listed within the Warehouse Hierarchy within the Works Order.

Minimum Batch Size
An update has been applied to the settings so an economical batch size can be applied to both Minimum and Maximum batch sizes. This is a great feature for sites that are constrained by limiting production factors. For example, a mixer only works above 100kg but has a capacity of 250kg. When creating Works Orders these will then be split by this factor.

Allocate Traceable items across multiple Works Orders
A new setting has been added enabling the user to allocate and issue traceable items across multiple Works Orders. When using the Process Works Orders function, where a traceable item is found across multiple orders, the item will be totalled and allocated or issued in one operation

Overhead Recovery
One area that Sicon have been working on is to bring all the functionality of the manufacturing module inline (or ahead of) Sage 200s classic manufacturing module. Overhead Recovery has now been added to the system which provides the ability to add a fixed amount or % to a Works Order build cost value. This is important for sites that don’t record operations or labour but want to add a notional value to the build cost.

If you have any questions about Sicon Manufacturing v22 please get in touch by filling out an enquiry form or by emailing [email protected]

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