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If it’s your first time using Report Designer, you might be confused about how to make some common changes to your reports.

These are requests we get on support all the time – but you can actually do them yourselves relatively easily.

In this article, we’ll take you through how to do things like adjusting text boxes and changing font sizes in Report Designer.

Changing Fonts

Select the field you want to amend. Then, select the font you want to use from the drop-down at the top of the toolbar.

Font size can also be adjusted in the same way, using the drop down just next to the one for font type.

Depending on the size of the font, you may need to resize the text box to accommodate it.

You can also change font style and size in the Properties pane on the right hand side of the screen. To do this, select the dots icon next to Text Style.

Clicking on this will bring up a more in-depth text editor, where you can also make the text italicised, bold, underlined, et cetera.

Some fields are linked to group titles. If you amend a field which is linked to a group title, a pop up will appear asking if you wish to update all fields in that style with the new font.

Selecting Yes updates all fields within that group. Selecting No only updates the one field you have specified.

Adding a Text Box

Select Add Text from the top toolbar. From this, you’ll be able to draw a text box onto the report.

Once you’ve drawn the text box, you can drag it where you want it to be positioned on the report (or, use CTRL C + CTRL V).

Amending an Existing Text Box

Select the text box you want to amend, and double click within it. Once you see the blinking cursor, that means you can edit that text box and make any changes.

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