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Sicon have highlighted that there is an error within the default bank holidays for the UK in Sicon Projects.

This error concerns the Spring Bank Holiday dates where the date should be 31/05/2021 but is listed as 24/05/2021.

However, this is easy and simple to edit by clicking on the date, selecting the correct date and then saving.

If you are using timesheets, particularly if using Sicon timesheets within WAP, it is important that you update this. Any timesheet lines already created within Sicon Projects for the incorrect bank holiday will need to be deleted; the new bank holiday lines will be created automatically.

If using Sicon timesheets within WAP and also the WAP Holiday module, please make sure that any holiday requests submitted for 24th May or 31st May are cancelled and rebooked once the bank holiday is corrected to ensure the right entitlement has been taken from the user.

If using WAP Timesheets and Holidays, check whether Sicon Timesheets is configured through System Settings – Costing, as below.  This setting has been moved in more recent versions so if not here, check under System Settings – Timesheets – Costing.

If you have any questions regarding Sicon Projects and bank holiday dates then please use the enquiry form or call 01332 959008

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