Benefits of Using Sage CRM for Customer Relationship Management

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Customers are key to every business. But they’re arguably even more important for SMEs.

Though SMEs tend to lack in manpower and budget, they can make up for that via stellar customer service. Growing their customer base is paramount, especially in the early stages – and as Shiv Singh said,

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.”

CRM software can be a crucial piece in this customer management puzzle. In this article, we’re going to look specifically at Sage CRM, and how it can benefit the work of sales managers working in SMEs.

Benefits of Sage CRM

Enhanced Customer Engagement

It’s an obvious fact: more engaged customers are (generally) happier customers. And by using Sage CRM, your sales team will have full access to their life cycle.

This level of detail means that it’s easier for you to see exactly how customers are interacting with you at every stage of the process. And if you can see where they’re dropping off, you can meet them at that point – sending out personalised email campaigns that are more likely to get them back on side.

Sage CRM can also benefit retention of your existing customers. According to Zendesk, 89% of people say that speed of resolution is the most important aspect of the customer service experience. Sage CRM stores information in its central knowledgebase, so anyone who takes the call can see previous case history, including interactions or documents. Sage CRM also has Graphical Workflow views, introducing automated, pre-determined business rules for the repetitive processes you do most often. This means a customer’s journey from problem to resolution is completed much quicker – leading to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction.

Increased Sales Efficiency

More sales is top of everyone’s wish list, but that’s hard to deliver when data is scattered across multiple different systems, or even different sites. Sage CRM brings all your customer data together on an accessible dashboard. Your sales team will have communication histories, sales quotes, opportunities and more trackable from a central location. There’s no need to waste time duplicating data, meaning that sales personnel can spend that time closing more deals. This is why Sage CRM has been responsible for a 25% increase in sales among its users.

Improved Analytics

When your job is making sales, no two days are the same – but tracking your data over time can reveal patterns, and opportunities for learning. Unfortunately, in a fast-moving environment, this often gets put on the back burner. Sage CRM allows you to give your analytics the attention they deserve.

You can generate reports for key areas that impact sales – including lead reports and marketing – not just sales itself. All of them can be dissected without leaving the platform – as well as more specialised reports that track business performance against specific KPIs.

Those reports can help everyone across your sales team to gain actionable insights – making sure the next steps in their development come from informed decision making, not guesswork.

Integration with Other Sage Software

One of the biggest benefits of using Sage CRM compared to other CRM solutions is the fact it’s under the Sage banner.

Sage CRM can be used as a standalone solution – but if you’ve already got a Business Management Solution from Sage, like Sage 200 or Sage Intacct, investing in Sage CRM means that’s able to do even more.

Because everything is made by Sage, you can be sure all your information is being recorded, displayed and sent out in the same way. This data integrity is a win for employees both current and future – and it streamlines processes when you bring on new customers and suppliers, giving them a great first introduction to your company.

With customers being as vitally important as they are, you shouldn’t ignore how you interact with them across a whole business. By investing in a CRM solution, you’re not only able to do more sales. Your sales themselves could be better quality than those made without the aid of a CRM – because they can be informed by different sources of data, letting you connect with customers on a more personal level.

And if those customers go on to create more customers, you’ve got yourself a cycle you could benefit from, years into the future.

Sage CRM extends the power of your Sage Business Management Solution, giving end-to-end visibility, so you can make informed decisions across teams, whenever and wherever they work together.

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