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How much does Sage Intacct cost?

When considering how much does Sage Intacct cost, the first point of note is that, as with most true cloud solutions, Sage Intacct is sold on a subscription basis.

Subscription should not be confused with deployment, it is simply the modern commercial model for buying business software.

Whilst subscription is an ongoing cost, it does allow flexibility to increase and reduce users and modules on a regular basis to suit your business requirements. It also massively reduces the period to see a return on your investment.

Within all software deals, there are traditionally three components. These are Software, ongoing System Support and Implementation Professional Services.

The question ‘how much does Sage Intacct cost can only be answered once we have an idea of the modules and the number of users required. Sage Intacct’s base package (Core Financials) is required for all implementations and includes:

Advanced modules and features can be included for an additional cost:

  • Global Consolidations – Inter-Company, Eliminations
  • Revenue Management – Revenue Recognition
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Currency
  • Project Costing – inc Timesheets & Expenses
  • Advanced Project Billing
  • Salesforce Integration
  • API and Platform Services

Due to the nature of some of the modules it is not possible to provide a sensible estimate without further discussions. There are also some trade in discounts which may be available based on the existing solution you are operating.

The amount of Professional Services days required is clearly subjective to the nature and scope of your project. However, you can be assured that all works will be professionally scoped by our experienced team and agreed with you prior to any project kick off.

Any changes to scope mid project will be fully discussed and mutually evaluated prior to production and PKF SCS will never send you an unsolicited Invoice without full sign off.

Sage Intacct Starter Edition

All software purchases should be made with an eye on the future as well as the issues of the day. Sometimes this can mean that ambitious companies require software that fits their requirements, but may be a stretch on budget right now. To help with this scenario, Sage have created the The Sage Intacct Starter Edition.

Based on an initial investment of only £12,000, this is a package price that includes a defined module set. Features included are :

  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 5 entities
  • 1 Employee pack (10 Light touch users)
  • Project Tracking
  • Multi-Currency
  • 2 Additional modules

Implementation would be required in addition but would typically be around 10 days subject to any additional modules chosen.

Further FAQs are detailed below but if you would like to get in touch with a member of our team on 01332 959008 or [email protected], we’ll happily help you crunch the Sage Intacct numbers!

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Sage Intacct Pricing FAQ

  • What is a Sage Intacct Subscription?

    A Sage subscription is a monthly fee you pay for your Sage Intacct software. This includes software maintenance, which entitles you to new versions of the software as they are released. This has quickly become an industry standard way to buy software, as opposed to a traditional large, upfront, cap-ex purchase. Typically this will massively reduce the time to achieve a return on your Sage Intacct investment and allows you to upgrade through the various versions without the barrier of significant capital outlay.

  • How much does Sage Intacct cost?

    As a true cloud native solution, Sage Intact has always been sold on a subscription basis. Any quotation will typically be made of three elements – software subscriptions, a support contract and the professional services required for the implementation – which makes it very subjective to the client and project at hand. However as a start point, Sage Intacct’s Core platform modules with 5 users would start at £1137 + VAT per month

  • Can I buy Sage Intacct outright? (i.e. on a traditional one off payment basis)?

    No. Sage Intacct is strictly a subscription only model.

  • Does Sage Intacct need Microsoft SQL Licensing?

    No, unlike tradition on premise solutions such as Sage 200 and Sage X3, all database cost are included within the platform pricing.

  • Does Sage Intacct have a CRM module?

    Sage Intacct does not have a native CRM module of its own. However it does have a well established and functional integration to Salesforce. For those users operating other CRM solutions, Sage Intacct has a best in class API tool and we would be delighted to discuss your CRM integration requirements with you.

  • How much does the Sage Intacct API module cost?

    The Sage Intacct API starts at around £1300 per year. For many of the marketplace add-ons this may be included within the third party solution pricing.

  • Do I get a discount against Sage Intacct as a Sage 50 user?

    Whilst there are no set published discounts currently available against Sage 50, Sage are happy to support Sage 50 clients who are looking to migrate to Intacct. Discounts available can vary subject to the scale and licensing mix of the given deal. Give us a call and lets see what we can do.

  • Is there a minimum term for a Sage Intacct Subscription?

    Yes. Sage Intacct subscriptions have an initial 1 year term which is charged annual in advance.