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What is Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations?

Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations previously known as Sage Intacct Manufacturing, is the solution for discrete manufacturing business to transform their operations and finance processes.

Its comprehensive operations functionalities cover every step of the process, from Bill of Materials to costing and tracking.

Its dashboards are both customisable and automated, meaning you can configure it to only show what’s relevant to you and your tasks.

And like the original Sage Intacct, it supports  multiple languages and currencies as standard – just what you need if your business is looking to global expansion.

You work hard for your business – so a business management solution should work hard for you. Unlike others promising tailored experiences, SDMO brings unrivalled personalisation together with addition to deep functional vertical capabilities. It’s an all-in-one system that supports you to do your best work.

What’s more, being in the cloud means less strain on IT resources – leaving your people free to do the things that actively help the business grow.



Supporting businesses across the UK

Ideal for companies with:

  • Discrete manufacturing processes

  • A need for true multi-operations management

  • Ambitions of entering new markets or expanding globally

  • Medium sized workforce (20-499)

  • Complicated approval processes

  • Delays in shop floor and order feedback

  • Limited automation

Key Software Features

  • Production planning - all in one platform

  • Manage inventory location/availability in real time

  • Manage routing and costs easily - know exactly where you are

  • Streamlined billing means you get paid on time

  • Built-in integration with best-in-class Sage Intacct system

The Foundation of the Sage Intacct Platform

  • Quarterly Releases –100% Finance
  • Data Integration
  • Permissions & Security
  • Multi Dimensional processing and Reporting
  • Inter-entity & multi entity processing
  • Centralised Platform Services

Productivity, when and where you need it

  • Mobile friendly solution
  • Automated reporting, dashboards and workflows
  • Any device at any time -freeing you from your desk

Streamline Operations Across Your Business

  • Industry adaptable user experiences – see only what you need
  • Bill of Materials – design and manage items with intelligent operations tooling
  • Early warnings – find out about issues before they become major, allowing you peace of mind when schedule planning.

True Cloud Flexibility

  • Open APIs – make the software work for you.
  • Multi-country/location framework
  • Multi-currency framework
  • Multi-language framework
  • Tax management framework

Reap the Benefits of SDMO for Your Businesses

Save Time on Daily Tasks
Information is defaulted based on a single selection. This means you can fill out fields to the same standard, but much quicker – with the option to edit them manually if you need to.

Save Money
Whether it’s inventory repository or price management, SDMO lets you manage all aspects of your process. Cost controls and financial visibility give you unrivalled insight into your financial situation and give you the confidence to make appropriate changes.

In less than six months, customers achieve an average of 250% return on investment and payback. A fact which is supported by G2 Crowds reports boasting the highest customer satisfaction rating.

Save Your Sanity
No one likes having to trawl a server for a financial document to share with a customer. This headache – and many others – is solved with SDMO. As the whole platform is on the cloud, you’ll have easy access to the information to make the financial decisions affecting your bottom line.

Interested in discussing SDMO in more depth? Contact us via the enquiry form or call 01332 959 008.

Sage Intacct Manufacturing FAQs

  • What is SDMO?

    SDMO stands for Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations and is the new name Sage have given to the Sage Intacct Manufacturing module. This is the same software detailed here and is simply a new name and rebrand by Sage.

  • What is Sage Intacct Manufacturing?

    SDMO is an intelligent manufacturing and operations management platform built for Discrete Manufacturing industries, which expands the Sage Intacct capabilities to nurture digital transformation.

  • Is Sage intacct Manufacturing cloud based?

    Like the original Sage Intacct, SDMO is fully cloud-based.

  • How much does Sage Intacct Manufacturing cost?

    Like all business software, the price of the total solution is very subjective to the make up of the licences and the scope of the project. One of the key strengths of the product is that it is very flexible in terms of functionality but also very scaleable in terms of users and data volumes. You can get an initial estimate for Sage Intaact HERE.

  • Which Industries work well with Sage Intacct?

    Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (previously known as Sage Intacct Manufacturing) is specifically designed for Discrete Manufacturing industries, where finished distinct products are created and assembled.

  • Can I Integrate to Sage Intacct?

    Yes you can. SDMO integrates seamlessly with the original Sage Intacct.

  • How long does it take to implement Sage Intacct Manufacturing?

    This is very subjective to your project requirements. There are various ‘quick start’ packages available for smaller projects with simple requirements. However larger projects will be driven by a formal scoping exercise and could include many elements such as system configuration, data migration, training, document design, user acceptance testing, project management and perhaps development services if there is an integration element. Smith Cooper will discuss your requirements and provide an initial estimate very early in our discussions. We will then firm this up as our discussion progress.

  • Does Sage Intacct Manufacturing include Stock and Inventory?

    Yes – stock and inventory capabilities are a main focus of SDMO.

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