Webinar: How To Ace Your Year-End with Sage 200

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Join us on 5th December, 10am-11am to learn how Sage 200 can save you time and money when you do your year-end reports.

Please note, this webinar is only available for our Sage 200 customers.

Ever find yourself pulling your hair out over year-end reports?

Waiting endlessly for support, wrestling with tight schedules, and feeling trapped within rigid working hours?

With Sage 200, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join our webinar to find out how!

What will we be discussing during this session?

Our Client Services Manager, Sandra Wallace, will be heading up this webinar, taking you through:

  • How to run a year-end report
  • How Sage 200 can help with pre-year end tasks (e.g printing financial statements, closing accounting periods) and post-year end checks (e.g. backups, resolving opening balance discrepancies)

…and a Q&A, so you can get your questions answered by an expert.

If you have any questions regarding Sage 200, email [email protected] or call 01332 959008.

Alternatively, if your question is regarding the webinar please email [email protected].