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Sage releases updates for its main pieces of software each quarter. Their latest release for Intacct in 2023, Release 3, was released on 18th August.

As with previous software releases, many of the updates were requested by users. Alongside our Intacct expert, Sam Pidgeon, we’ve written this article to take you through the new and updated features you need to know about in this release.

Top Enhancements
Vendor Approval

This was one of the features most requested by Sage users. Vendor Approval can now be managed directly within Sage Intacct, letting you make sure information is correct before it’s used in Accounts Payable and Purchasing transactions.

The vendor approval page lets users with appropriate permissions review new vendors, and update the records of those already on the system. Vendor records that are pending approval can’t have new Accounts Payable and Purchasing transactions posted. However, they can be saved as drafts for later use.

Match Tolerance for Purchasing

Sage Intacct now automatically compares quantities and unit prices on Purchasing transactions. This can quickly confirm that the quantity and unit price details are consistent across purchase orders, PO receipts, and vendor invoices.

This reduces the risk of fraud from unauthorised purchases, and identifies mistakes on receipts and invoices that might point to a wider issue.

Other New Features
  • Bill uploads for restricted users – Users restricted to entities or departments can now upload bills for AP Automation.
  • Configure the number of decimal places in Data Delivery Service – in Accounts Receivable, you can configure the number of decimal places used in rounding your data in Data Delivery Service, increasing its accuracy.
  • Document sequencing for payments – Track payments more easily with document sequencing for Accounts Receivable payments.

To learn more about these additional features and get detailed how-to guides, head to Sage’s dedicated release page here.

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