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Sage Intelligent Time is now live in the UK.

Read on for the answers to all the questions you might have about Sage Intelligent Time.

What is Sage Intelligent Time?

Sage Intelligent Time (SIT) is an AI-powered timesheet built into Sage Intacct for faster and more
accurate time entry.

Who is Sage Intelligent Time best for?

Though it’s useful for anyone who regularly needs to track timesheets, it’s aimed at those working in Professional Services and Not For Profit (NFP) organisations.

What does Sage Intelligent Time do?

SIT uses AI to gather information for time entry, working across calendar, email and desktop applications, gathering every invoiceable or reimbursable minute.

It also comes with a mobile application available for Android and iOS devices.

How is it different from timesheets we use now?

SIT improves on traditional timesheets in many ways, including the following:

Continuous insight

With traditional timesheets, the data is only available at weekly or bi-weekly intervals – and even then it’s often delayed. SIT gives you continuous insights, meaning your process isn’t slowed down.

Always in sync

Traditional timesheets aren’t easy to connect with third party apps, meaning they can’t be scaled up easily. This isn’t a problem with SIT, as timesheets are always in sync and reconciled with your financials.

What do I need to be able to use Sage Intelligent Time?

To use SIT, you need to have purchased one of the following modules:

• Project Costing and Billing
• Project Costing
• Grant Tracking and Billing

Plus at least Web Services – Standard.

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