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Training is a vital element to get maximum value from any system, including Sage Intacct

At Smith Cooper, we’re proud of our dedication to support you as best we can, especially when it comes to Sage Intacct training.

Our Sage Intacct training offering comes in a variety of methods. Each approach is adapted to suit your company’s unique requirements.

Depending on your needs, training can be

  • Onsite or Remote,
  • General or Specific
  • A group session or for individuals
  • A mix of everything!

All our offices have dedicated training rooms – so you can get your training done without office distractions. Alternatively, training can be conducted at your own premises, or remotely (this is how most of our training is done).

To ensure you get the most out of the experience, we will use your own data during training, wherever possible.

Our Sage training is bookable as half-day or full-day sessions, as well as shorter web-based sessions. We find these shorter sessions tend to work better with customers who are implementing Sage Intacct.

In addition to live sessions, detailed training manuals with screenshots can be provided on request. These complement the training and act as a reference guide once you are ready to go live with your Sage product.

Alongside our training courses, we have various free Sage resources, built with Sage users in mind. You deserve to master your software – and you can do just that with our video library and our tips of the week.

And that’s not all – all Intacct users get access to the Sage University, which proves a number of free Intacct Self Learning Courses. These can combine with dedicated, consultant-led training sessions to give you the knowledge you need while keeping costs down.

Please note: you don’t have to be supported by Smith Cooper to get training from us. We’re happy to train clients supported elsewhere, with competitive rates for non-supported sites.

If you would like to discuss Sage Intacct training in more detail please use the enquiry form.

Why work with PKF Smith Cooper Systems?

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Our business is built on long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. We provide quality service and solutions that work for our clients in the short, medium, and long term.

Industry Experts

All our staff are fully accredited in the full range of Sage software, and we will never sell you any third party add-on that our staff are not trained to deliver and support directly.

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Sage Training FAQ

  • Can I book remote Sage training?

    Yes! Most of our staff work on a hybrid basis, mixing home and the office – and our training is the same. It’s important to us that you get the most out of your training. That’s why we provide both traditional onsite training and online training in bitesize chunks.

  • Can I teach myself Sage?

    To an extent, yes. All Sage software includes comprehensive help and user manuals within the product (including screenshots). If you have used Sage before, then you can certainly do some self-learning. However if you are new to Sage then it’s definitely a good idea to book some training.

  • Are Sage training videos available?

    Yes – we have an extensive library of useful Sage hints and tips on our website and YouTube channel.