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When your Sage data is no longer adding up, you will need a team of experts to help

From time to time your Sage accounts program may get in disorder and you may find that figures are not reconciling as you would expect. At PKF Smith Cooper Systems we offer a specialized Sage Reconciliation service to Sage users who think their system may require attention.

Reasons for these occurrences can be wide ranging and varied. You may have data integrity problems caused by system crashes or faulty bespoke modifications. Transactions may have been posted to the wrong codes, journal entries not been processed correctly, opening balance adjustments from your final year end accounts may not have been processed on your Sage system. Sometimes there is simply just a lack of understanding of the processes that Sage requires to maintain its balances.

Regardless of the root of the problem, PKF Smith Cooper Systems can help. Our Sage team is made up of qualified accountants and Sage Accredited product specialists who understand both the product and the associated accounting requirements. By calling on these skills and our vast product experience we are able to resolve and/or confidently advise on all Sage data and accounting issues.

Save Time, Money and Reduce Stress

We have already helped many companies to reconcile their accounts, providing them with a true clear picture of their current financial state. We will also provide standard monthly procedures and reconciliation sheets to follow at each month end to ensure the accuracy is continued once PKF Smith Cooper Systems have done their work.

The benefits of our Sage reconciliation service can easily outweigh the costs. By reconciling VAT, possible over payments can be identified. This in turn provides your staff with a stable and reconciled position to work from and clear procedures to follow to ensure that the issue does not happen again and if it does, it will be easily identified. The peace of mind of a balanced and reconciled system means reports can be produced and acted upon with confidence.

Examples of the common issues that we resolve are:

  • Aged creditors and aged debtors not agreeing to the trial balance.
  • PAYE & national insurance creditor not agreeing to what is actually owed
  • Bank A/Cs do not reconcile to the statement and/or nominal ledger
  • VAT
  • Stock and Nominal valuation and/or levels reconciliation issues
  • Foreign currency and revaluation issues
  • Incorrect processing of Purchase Invoices causing cost of sale problems

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