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A real-time integration linking Sage 200 and Sage CRM.

Access critical information easily, without having to re-enter it onto a second system.

Qnect is ideal for businesses who wish to integrate their Sage 200 and Sage CRM software. It works equally well for single entities as well as those with multiple trading companies or want their sales, marketing and service teams to be better aligned.

With the real-time integration, that links Sage CRM to Sage 200, you can increase efficiency and accuracy in the management of customers/suppliers, products and quotes/orders at an affordable cost.

So not only will you gain a better understanding of your customers, their priorities and profitability you can manage all your non-financial information outside of Sage Accounts.

Whether you’re in sales, marketing or service, Qnect for Sage 200 gives you a streamlined, customer-centric view across your entire business.

Supporting businesses across the UK

Ideal for companies with:

  • Sage 200 who need integrated CRM

  • Multiple Sage 200 trading companies

  • Requirement to see real-time stock availability externally

  • Sales teams that need to access access customer history instantly

  • Service teams that need to see all areas of a customer’s account

Key Software Features

  • Real-time integration of Sage CRM and Sage 200

  • Instant Sage 200 customer creation

  • Ability to post and synchronise quotes between Sage CRM and Sage 200

  • Real-time stock availability by warehouse

Experience better business insight, greater efficiencies, increased productivity and have a single customer-centric view across your entire business by using Qnect to combine Sage CRM with Sage Accounts.

Benefits of Qnect for Sage CRM

Access from anywhere
With Qnect, information entered on Sage CRM at the start of the sales process will flow through to Sage 200 without needing duplicate entries, saving you time and hassle.

Know your customers
Gain detailed insight into what your customers value most. Improve ROI on your campaigns and product strategies.

Manage disputes
See all elements of a customer’s account in one place – from orders made to accounts and product availability. Solve disputes before they turn into deeper issues.

Ease data burdens
Produce quotes for Sage CRM prospects without linking them to Sage 200. Reduce the load of data in Sage 200, keeping the software fast and efficient.

Product Features

Processing Quotes

You can add products, free text
items and comments to quotes. You can also produce PDF
documents, and easily send these to
prospects or customers from within Sage CRM.

Processing Orders

You have full flexibility when processing orders – create them from quotes or add them directly into Sage CRM. After the customer has agreed to a quote, an order can be posted straight into Sage 200 against their account. Just click the ‘Post to Sage Accounts’ button when viewing the order.

Instant Data Accessibility

There’s no need to re-enter info at each stage of your sales process – with Qnect, information flows from Sage CRM and into Sage 200. By storing details about phone calls, emails or meetings, you can better manage your sales and reduce errors from repeated data entry.

If you would like to discuss Qnect for Sage 200 or if you’d like to arrange an onsite demonstration, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 959008

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