Why Accounting Software Isn’t Just For Finance Teams

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If you’re new to the world of accounting software, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s only accessible to those in your finance team. After all, they’re the only ones who’ll get any use out of it, right? 


So, who uses accounting software? Accounting software actually has a range of applications all across your business. Whether or not you work explicitly in finance, today we’ll help you discover how accounting software can slot into various roles.   

For Business Owners 

You’re the person who keeps everything running at the top – but for you to be able to do that, your team needs to stay energised and motivated. This definitely won’t happen if they’re having to wade through slow processes to find invoices or get paid what they’re owed. Accounting software can banish these issues for good, meaning your team gets more done – and you can too.  

For Managers 

Managers spin a lot of plates – and one of the greatest is the responsibility of keeping other stakeholders informed of the why and how behind your big decisions. You can’t hope to do this without the correct data – and with the data visualisation of accounting software, you can get that at a glance, accounting for actualities and hypotheticals in the same system. That way, you can make sure all your recommendations are spot on.  

For IT 

When you work in IT, you deal with issues every day – but unreliable systems cause you the most strife. Whether it’s long periods of outage or data that goes missing, you have to pick up the pieces – and deal with the headaches. With accounting software, you have no such worries. Much modern accounting software has guaranteed levels of uptime – for example, Sage Intacct guarantees 99.8% system uptime. This all means that your job can be less about firefighting and more about sparking ideas.  

For Admin and Support 

In accounting software speak, you’re “end users” – those people using the software every day to get vital tasks done.  

And if you work in a smaller SME, you might even have to do the financial tasks yourself.  

Whatever you’re doing, time is precious – so you want to be as efficient as possible. Accounting software can help you do that, handling both financial reporting and everyday bookkeeping tasks easily with support available if problems arise.  

We hope this article has helped you find out who uses accounting software, how each role uses it and how it can impact your business.

Whatever role you’re in, Sage and PKF Smith Cooper Systems have accounting software that will enhance your workflow. Contact the team today.   

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