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As a rural business with multiple offices and divisions, Maydencroft needed a system that was a step up from Sage 50 and able to handle their growing accounting needs and remote access requirements.

  • Industry: Environmental Services
  • Company Size: 101-250 Employees
  • Sage Product: Sage Intacct

Who is Maydencroft?

Maydencroft works across nature reserves and urban landscaping projects, creating, restoring, and maintaining them so people and nature can thrive. From its founding in 2007, Maydencroft has progressed to be a market leader in this area, with a commitment to sustainability and a focus on innovation.

Our approach

On any given day, Maydencroft employees can be anywhere, doing anything from long-term bat surveys to shorter term landscaping work. This diversity was front of mind for its Finance Director, Nick Bayston, when it came to choosing how to upgrade from Sage 50:

“With the business being so diverse, it’s quite hard to find one product that solves all the requirements. At the same time we’re trying to resist the temptation for everyone to go off and buy lots of little bits of software – then we have no single overarching strategy. That’s what we are trying to do, by positioning Intacct as the hub, as the centre of it.”

The search for a Sage Partner to work with was a struggle for Nick at first – but he discovered us through, of all places, YouTube!

This led to them connecting with our Sage Intacct Product Lead, Sam Pidgeon, and the rest of the Intacct team including Ian Barbour and Haris Naeem. Their steadfast support was a key part of the project’s success, as Accountant Amy Knights-Allen explains:

“Sometimes it was a little bit complicated how we were trying to set our structure up and what we wanted to get out of Intacct, but Ian and Sam were full of ideas and came up with really good suggestions for everything. We had a lot of troubleshooting sessions and they were able to find resolutions.

Haris has given a lot of support all the way through the process as well. He’s very confident and very capable. We felt very supported – if you contacted somebody, you got a response very quickly, You never felt like you’d been left out on a limb.”

The result

Though the company is still in the process of implementing some areas of the Intacct software, they are already starting to see the benefits of the software for their wider workforce:

“At the moment, all our people are to a greater or lesser extent trying to track their own jobs in spreadsheets, or however they choose. Hopefully this is going to give them one central way of doing that. It’s going to save them a lot of time and give us a consistent view of the jobs that are going on.”

They also foresee improvements in their accounts payable (AP) processes, through the implementation of Yooz, a piece of AP automation software that integrates with Intacct:

“It will save time… even though we’ve used the AP automation before, Yooz will have the mailbox that means that we don’t need to manually save documents and it will also have the approvals in it, which we’ve not had before.”

With the green economy constantly expanding, Maydencroft is aware that their software needs to be fit for the future. They see Intacct as the perfect fit for this.

“The potential for growth is enormous. That’s why, even as a £10 million business, we’ve decided to go with Intacct. It should be able to see us through to £100 million.”

Alongside our dedicated Intacct team, Maydencroft was able to implement an accounting system that worked for all divisions of its business, and all stages of growth.

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