Cost Saving Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

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As business changes, the technology they use is changing too – with many now considering cloud-based options.

There are many good reasons to make the switch – but one you might not have considered as deeply is cost.

Sage’s whitepaper takes a detailed look at the Accenture Strategy Behind Cloud Report, breaking down the numbers to show why cloud software really does pay off in the long run:

  • Outgoing costs
  • Returns
  • Environmental impact
  • Customer experience

What else is included in the whitepaper? Topics such as:

  • Moving to the cloud
  • The cost effectiveness of cloud hosting
  • How to start your migration journey

Scaling your solution, maintaining your security, and planning ahead are all important factors that need to be considered.

“learned that automation has led to increased revenue.”

“learned that automation has helped to improve the customer experience.”

“learned their company’s agility has improved.”

To learn more about the above topics and statistics, take a read at Sage’s whitepaper – click the button below!

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