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With businesses needing to know what’s around every corner, it’s no surprise that a recent worldwide survey by Gartner found Business Intelligence (BI) to be organisations’ top priority.

BI has become a major player in informing strategic decisions in everything from products to budgets. As such, a good BI system can be a key part of companies’ drive to digital transformation, making an organisation more efficient and resilient to risks.

Indeed, research from Tech Target showed that 41% of organisations are looking to Business Intelligence for better visibility, planning and forecasting. However, you need to approach BI systems in a tailored way. Looking at the bigger picture for a specific business makes success far more likely.

That’s where Sage’s new e-book comes in.

In “Discover the full power of Business Intelligence”, you will find out:

  • What makes a good BI system
  • How to make the most of a BI system (and the mistakes some businesses make)
  • The benefits of a BI system for different departments
  • The five questions you should ask when evaluating a potential BI system

Wish that all your data was in one central location? Need a Business Intelligence system that can be used by anyone, not just developers? Take a look at our BI solutions!

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