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Sage Payroll is HMRC-recognised and up-to-date with the latest legislation, including auto-enrollment

Sage Payroll is an easy to use and scalable payroll software that can fit almost any business payroll requirement. HMRC-recognised and up to date with the latest legislation, you simply purchase the number of companies and employee count you require.

A typical user of Sage payroll would be a site where the payroll staff will collate and enter the time sheets or payment values for the staff, then process the payroll in house. The payslips will be produced and checked and then typically the e-banking link will be used to submit the values to the bank. If the site is using Sage 50 or Sage 200 the payment values are automatically updated to the accounts system.

Thanks to its simplistic features, you can process your employees’ payments even if you only have a basic understanding of the complexities of payroll legislation. You can manage all of your employees’ pay, holiday entitlement and rewards, every step of the way. The software also helps you calculate different rates for overtime, and enables your business to take advantage of tax benefits.

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