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Support, Sales, Consultancy, Marketing and Development. These are more than just departments at PKF Smith Cooper Systems they are teams of people that have brought the company to where it is today.

Many of you may not have interacted with any of these departments or you may have interacted with them all! Either way, this series is intended to introduce you to the people behind the titles and give you insight into the people who make up Team PKF SCS.

Following on from our previous articles in this series, we are talking to Hiren Patel. Hiren is one of our Sage 200 Consultants and someone who many of you may know very well.

Keep reading to find out more about Hiren and how his PKF SCS journey began.

We have also featured a range of other team members, so to catch up on our past articles click here.

How did your journey with PKF SCS start?

I interviewed for the company back in April this year and was not successful. This was my own doing as I was not as prepared as I should have been. As a result I then joined another business parter (BP) in South Yorkshire. But I discovered that what was discussed at the interview stage was not coming to fruition so I found myself looking for a new placement.

On the back of that failed interview, I was approached by Craig who wanted to have a chat and I took the chance to have a chat about the role I had applied for back in April. I met with Craig and Hannah, and we discussed what went well and what did not from our last conversation. I felt more at ease because whilst I was unsuccessful, they had both identified some qualities in me that were worth a callback.

They offered me the job the same day and I was delighted! After all, I know I am a good hire, it’s in the name HIRE(N).

What attracted you the most to this company?

A former colleague of mine, and someone whom I have always respected, had just completed his first year at the company and could only say good things. He had assured me that the team I would be joining would help me become the Sage 200 professional I am aspiring to be and would be invested in my progression.

What does the Sage 200 Consultant role entail?

The role means that I get to work with various stakeholders of Sage 200; the majority of them being end users. I also share knowledge and implement solutions and processes which will help their business become more effective.

From my role I get first-hand experience of how Sage 200 and its partnering solutions are used in all types of industries and companies of different sizes.

How is working at PKF SCS different from working for other software companies?

There is no blame culture here. The company mentality is “you’re only winning if all the team are winning” this gives you that sense of belonging. I felt at home within my first week and if you ask my friends and family, it’s all they hear about.

I like how both directors are involved in all aspects of the business. They even provide me with assistance when it comes to things that I may not be as experienced on. They aren’t afraid to clock in with the team and get involved. It gives you that confidence to know, no matter how busy directors can be, they will find the time to help you.

Would you recommend finding a career at PKF SCS to others and why?

Yes, the benefits are great. If you want a team where you can grow your knowledge as a Sage 200 professional this is it.

You get to learn from some of the senior seasoned professionals who will take you under their wing and share knowledge. I can’t wait to pay it forward and share the knowledge I have learned in time.

That is all for this time around, thank you very much for reading and a huge thank you to Hiren for sparing the time to answer our questions!

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