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Sage have recently made some changes to the way they distribute Microsoft SQL, which has resulted in some direct communication with Sage 200 clients.

The purpose of this article is to explain these changes and to advise how these affect end users.


Since Sage 200 moved to a Microsoft SQL database many years ago, Sage have had a distribution agreement with Microsoft to provide Microsoft SQL to its customers.

The key basis of this is that the physical software is full SQL Standard. However, the paper licence is a “runtime” one which strictly limits it’s use to only Sage 200. You can also only purchase SQL with a new Sage 200 system purchase or when adding an additional user. This has allowed Sage to provide SQL at a competitive rate versus normal Microsoft Distribution channels.  

Microsoft SQL Server 2022

Effective from 1st November, Sage have launched SQL 2022 for new sales and to existing customers with live SQL assurance. This has been fully tested with the release of Sage 200 2023 R1 and compatibility is included in the latest Sage 200 technical requirements document.

On the same day, Sage began a mass shipping process of all notifications, licences and software to partners & customers with valid entitlement.

This is the first time a SQL upgrade has been issued in this way by Sage (previous versions were issued to customers at the point of renewal or as part of an upgrade) and has resulted in the email notifications and licence documents that many customers have received.  


As part of this process Sage have advised us that their pricing for SQL will increase, effective from 01 November 2023, for both new sales and renewals. Subsequently customers with live SQL assurance will see an increase of up to 15% at their next renewal.

What does that mean to me?

For Sage customers who have received a new licence document, there is no requirement to upgrade SQL 2022 immediately. Indeed, SQL 2022 may not even be compatible with your installed version of Sage 200. However, at the point of your next upgrade, the necessary licensing is already in place for you, so you should simply file your new licence certificate.

As previously stated, customers with live SQL assurance will see a price increase on their next renewal, which has been implemented by Sage as part of this process.

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