Output Mode

The Output Mode enables you to choose how reports, letters and documents are printed from Sage 200.

You can send them to a printer, preview them on-screen, or save them to the Spooler to print later.

If you’ve just been set up in Sage, you may find that you go to print a document and nothing seems to happen. This means that your Output mode isn’t set up as you might want it to be.

If you go to the Tools option and click on the cog icon top right of Sage 200, you have an option for ‘Choose Output Mode’.

As you can see, there are 3 options available:


This sends all layouts or documents that you produce from Sage straight to the printer. This is the least popular choice, as if you accidentally produce a report that’s 300 pages long, you probably don’t want to print it straight off and use all your paper!


This saves all reports or layouts in the Spooler for you to come back to and preview, print or export later. This can be accessed by the printer icon top right of Sage. This is also the default option when you are set up with a Sage user, so anything you may have already tried to print should be sat in here waiting for you.


This is probably the most popular choice. This will produce the layout for you straight on to screen. You can then send this to the spooler if you wish to store for later, or you can print, export or email straight from the preview itself. This option will also let you know if there are any issues with the report you are trying to produce by giving you an error, whereas reports that cannot be generated but are set to go to Spooler will not error but also will not produce.

Your output mode can be changed at any time so you’re not committing to anything, have a go and see which option works best for you.

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