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With the recent release of the newest version of Sage Intacct, we’ve been reviewing the changes you need to know about.

Sage is constantly looking to improve its products, using feedback from its day-to-day users to inform changes. Sage Intacct is no different, and customer requests are again behind the updates released in Sage Intacct 2022 R2.

5 Top Enhancements

Dunning notice support in Accounts Receivable
You can now configure Intacct with dunning levels that match your business practices – for example, sending out different dunning notices based on overdue time and amount thresholds. You can also track dunning notices on a specialised screen, or track specific notices for certain customers by using the dunning notices tab on the customer screen. This is another step Sage has taken to make the collection process smoother for businesses.

Improvements to Managing and Tracking Inventory
Among these are new options for including zero and negative on items, default dimension values on reconciliation, and tracking for parent and component items.

Minimum Batch Size
Settings have been updated, allowing you to apply an economical batch size to both Minimum and Maximum batch sizes. This is a great feature for sites with by limiting production factors. For example, a mixer only works above 100kg but has a capacity of 250kg. When creating Works Orders, these will then be split by this factor.

Evergreen Subscription Contracts
Many auto-renewing contracts don’t have an end date – and this is something Sage Intacct have accounted for in their new release. Instead of creating multiple child contracts, evergreen contracts are now manageable as one open-ended contract. This provides you with greater visibility, simplified billing and better management of contract changes.

VAT tax defaults in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
You can now save even more time, by setting default tax schedules for vendors or customers.

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