3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Sage 200 System

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It’s no secret that we love Sage 200 at PKF Smith Cooper Systems. And our customers do too!

If you’re a business that’s already got a version of it installed, you could think there’s no reason to upgrade your Sage 200 system.

Rightly, you’re wary of shelling out extra money for an upgrade that might not actually do anything. But this isn’t something you have to worry about when upgrading Sage 200.

In today’s post, we’ll talk you through three of the main reasons to upgrade your Sage 200 system.

1. Guaranteed Support from Sage

While it’s important for us to note here that our level of support won’t change no matter what version of Sage 200 you have, one of the main reasons to upgrade your Sage 200 system is because Sage themselves do wind down the support offered for older versions as newer ones come in. If you have one of these older versions, upgrading is the quickest way to make sure you have Sage’s support on-hand whenever you need it.

2. Adherence to Legislative Changes

You don’t need us to tell you that business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You’re constantly having to stay aware of the legal changes which could affect your business; if your Sage solution isn’t keeping up with these too, it could land you in some hot water.

Newer versions of Sage avoid this by being compliant with important regulations out of the box. For example, recent versions of Sage 200 are fully compliant with the government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative as well as helping them be “Brexit ready”.

3. Newer versions take on board customer feedback (meaning they’re better for you!)

Of course, each upgraded version of Sage software will fix bugs and other smaller areas from previous versions – but where an upgraded version of Sage really comes into its own is the larger-scale improvements. These are often strongly influenced by customer feedback.

The list is a long one: from an invoicing module to help go straight to raising credit notes, and a feature to let you attach and scan documents within Sage 200, to a button to help you close all accounting periods at once, and part reconciliation. All of these improvements were based on feedback from customers just like you, and they’ve made the system much more accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As you’ve been able to see from the bulk of this post, upgrading to the newest version of Sage 200 isn’t all about having software that’s shiny and new. You get a system that’s legally and financially up to date, and the support from Sage to go with it. In short, everything you need to keep your business moving forward in a changing landscape.

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