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When it comes to the world of Sage and its ISV add-ons, the amount of choice is extensive.

Even when it comes to products and solutions simply related to Sage 200, there are many options to suit various industries and business functions. So to break them down, we will be spotlighting a product once a month.

As the name implies, each post will introduce a specific product, showing who it’s best suited for and its features, amongst other things.

This time, we’re looking at Draycir’s Spindle Proof of Delivery add-on for Sage 200.

What does it do?

Proof of Delivery integrates with Sage 200, both on desktop and as an Android app. It allows you to easily plan, track and make deliveries all in one place, cutting down on missed deliveries and keeping your customers and your drivers happy.

Headline Features

  • Schedule deliveries straight from sales orders – minimising time spent switching between apps
  • Live control of the delivery fleet – respond to customer requests as they come in
  • delivery fleet to quickly respond to customer requests
  • Delivery maps with normal, satellite and street view – everything you need for easier journeys

What problems does it solve?

Proof of Delivery reduces the chances of documents being misplaced or linked to incorrect orders by letting you search all related documentation in the module.

It also notifies you instantly of failed deliveries, allowing you to quickly discover why a delivery has failed and correct the issue for next time.

Additionally, it creates better links between those in the back office and on the road – with the Android app meaning drivers are kept informed of any changes, and are able to make them themselves if needed.

Who could benefit from using it?

Proof of Delivery is a good fit for:

  • Businesses that operate their own-fleet deliveries
  • Service staff who require a signature

To find out more about Spindle Proof of Delivery, visit its dedicated page here.

If you have questions about Proof of Delivery or any of our other solutions, contact us today on 01332 959008, or use our enquiry form.

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