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Designed for distribution organisation’s who wish to take the Sage 200 commercial modules to the next level.

Sicon’s Distribution Modules are designed to manage the requirements of distribution organisation’s to improve costing, reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends, provide future stock projections and suggested purchase order creation.

Designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200, Sicon Distribution now consists of nine individual modules. So you can simply purchase the modules your business needs, with the option to add to them at a later date. These nine modules are fully integrated with the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules.

The modules include functions around pre-allocation of purchase orders, container management, requirement planning and much more.

Supporting businesses across the UK

Ideal for companies with:

  • Distribution business model

  • Need for directed purchasing and dynamic stock management

  • Requirement to manage inbound containers & calculate landed costs

  • Need to manage contract or call off orders

  • Requirement to manage size, style, colour

Key Software Features

  • Stock requirement planning tool

  • Container management and landed cost calculation

  • Pre-allocate purchase orders not received

  • Internal Stock movements with paperwork

  • Dynamically set minimum stock levels

The Sicon Distribution Modules

Below is a list of all the Sicon Distribution modules on offer and a brief description. If you would like to discuss any of the modules in more detail then please get in touch!

Warehouse replenishment

  • Formal Warehouse (e.g. Multi site, Bulk and Pick, Consignment Stock, Van stock) replenishment with stock transfer tracking and documentation.

Purchase order management

  • Enhancement for purchasing including supplier delivery KPI’s, inspection of goods, expanded landed costs, supplier qty breaks and supplier min order values.

Container Management

  • Manage the full cycle of container creation, linking multiple purchase orders, manage the stages of loading, travel and customs clearance.

Pre-Allocation Manager

  • ‘Pre-Allocate’ stock – a virtual allocation of outstanding purchase orders to a sales order which are auto allocated at goods received

Material Planning

  • Material Planning creates suggested purchase orders for stock shortages based on supplier lead times and min order quantities, min stock levels, unallocated sales orders and imported sales forecasts.
  • NOTE : Does not include Capacity Planning or suggestions for Works Orders or Kits. This requires full Manufacturing MRP

Future Sales

  • Uses historical sales and seasonal trends to forecast future sales demand and auto calculate minimum stock levels to drive purchase recommendations.

Reserves and Call offs

  • Hold allocated stock for customers within Sage 200 and release via SOP or directly from the reserve. Use SOP & POP contacts to manage commitment to purchase and track progress.

Stock Matrix

  • Handling the creation of colour/size/style/season stock items along with a grid style SOP/POP rapid order entry for speed of processing.

Sales Order management

  • Enhancement for Sage 200 Sales Order Processing including Telesales, copy historical orders, complimentary, superseded & discontinued products. Customer delivery KPI’s, stock item customer history, enhanced stock balances views and much more!

If you would like to discuss Sicon Distribution in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01332 959008 or [email protected]

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