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Improve your planning processes, drive purchasing efficiencies and greater control with Sicon MRP.

Material and Resource Planning (MRP) had been designed specifically for Sage 200 to provide a manufacturing solution that is robust and efficient.

Sicon MRP utilises the Sage 200 BOM cost items to estimate your labour and machine times. As well as this, this solution links with the Sicon Works Orders Module for production dates and generates suggested purchases orders into Sage POP.

MRP will do the hard donkey work and produce your make and buy recommendations; allowing your team to spend their time more profitably, applying their experience and market knowledge to execute or ignore the suggested actions.

Supporting businesses across the UK

Ideal for companies with:

  • Busy purchasing department

  • Structured production schedule

  • Requirement to manage Suppliers

  • Stock fulfillment issues

  • Stock requirements that regularly change

Key Software Features

  • Produces Works and Purchase Order Recommendations

  • Fully Integrated to Sage 200 Stock, BOM and Works Orders

  • Auto create Works and Purchase Orders with single click

  • Works order due dates calculated on supplier and production lead times

  • Includes rough cut capacity planning tool

While Sicon MRP forms part of the Sicon Manufacturing Suite, it can also be purchased independently. The solution includes suggested works orders, suggested purchase orders, suggested kits (if Kitting is enabled), labour and machine capacity planning and forecast sales order import.

The Material Planning functionality of Sicon MRP ensures stock levels are maintained and kept at the required levels. While the Resource Planning aspect of the solution provides graphical labour and machine schedules with the ability to drill down and plan to a daily or weekly schedule. Find out more information about both aspects of the module below:

Key Features

Enhanced functionality
Suggested purchased orders created for shortages. Purchases orders grouped by configurable lead time per item. Daily/weekly graphical schedule for labour and machine capacity.

Material Planning
Works orders created for sales orders or manually for stock. Confirmed and suggested works orders are generated. Suggested works orders are created for imported forecast sales orders. All works orders have calculated due dates based on supplier and production lead times. Material plan created based on daily cumulative stock balances. Suggested purchased orders can be grouped and created.

Forecast Sales Orders Import
Simple import from excel – requires customer name, stock code, quantity and date.

Material and Resource Planning is Easy to learn and use
Screens and processes have been designed for non-IT & non-manufacturing users and data input is simple and logical.

Expediting screens
Select by date or range of works orders to identify outstanding items (colour coded by severity). Drill down to see outstanding orders and due dates..

Material and Resource Planning System Requirements
WOP runs as an additional Sage 200 module so has no additional requirements.

Capacity Planning
Create departments that emulate your business process or create a routing process per BOM stock item. Link BOM cost items to departments. Override production lead time available. Set available hours per BOM cost item at weekly or daily level. Graphical drill down plan shows labour and machine availability and drill down to amend works order dates to smooth overloads.

Runs with Multiple Sage Companies
Material and Resource Planning can be used on multiple Sage companies at no additional cost.

Material Planning

  • Create suggested works orders and suggested purchase orders to replenish stock shortages now and planned into the future.
  • Shortages are derived from outstanding works orders, sales orders, kits, stock transfers purchase orders, forecast. Orders and min stock levels.
  • Purchase order suggestions are driven by supplier lead time, usual and min order quantities.
  • Works order due dates are based on supplier and production lead times.

Resource & Capacity Planning

  • Create departments and routings that emulate your business process.
  • Link Labour Register items to departments.
  • Set available hours per Labour Register item at a weekly or daily level.
  • Create daily/weekly graphical schedule for labour and machine capacity.
  • Graphical drill down plan shows labour and machine availability.
  • Drill down to amend works order dates to smooth overloads.
  • Calculate the next possible delivery date from sales order processing for manufactured items based on capacities and material availability.
  • GANT Chart and critical path for planning production workload.
  • Plan capacity by labour, machine and production area. Create availabilities for labour and machine resources taking into account shutdown, maintenance periods and holiday.
  • Calendar view with drag and drop interface to adjust the production plan by moving works orders and sub-assemblies in real-time.
  • Daily works order list showing today, tomorrow and overdue workload.

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