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Like other Sage add-on providers, Sicon is constantly looking to its customers to inform updates to its software.

It’s with this in mind that Sicon has released its V22.1 add-ons for Sage 200.

The features of this release are designed to streamline and simplify areas of the software. It also brings in new features proven to work with Sage.

In this post, our Technical Director and resident Sage guru Richard Brewster takes you through his top 5 new features of Sicon v22.1 based on our client’s use.

1. Sicon Enhancement Pack Auto Accrual

This fantastic feature automatically posts accruals once goods are received. This means no more trying to get the correct figure at month end! Additionally, it’s been further extended to generate automatic Goods Received Not Invoiced accrual for purchase orders when goods receiving.

2. Barcoding and Warehousing

There are a number of new features in this area. One of our favorites is the ability for users who are picking on the handheld to modify the allocated quantities on a Sales Order.

3. Project Accounting (Job Costing)

You can now simplify the screens with the ability to remove unused tabs.

4. MRP

Sicon added this at the request of one of our clients. You can now filter the Works Order list with the stock analysis codes, letting you work on a planner or department basis

5. Works Order Processing

You can now create WOs directly from Sage’s BOM Trial Kitting form. The Sage Trial Kitting form is a great way to check if an item/items can be assembled. Additionally, you can also create a Sicon WO directly from this form. This gives users the ability to check “can I make it?” prior to actioning the build – hopefully, this means no nasty surprises halfway through the build process!

Have any questions about Sicon v22.1? Want to see a full list of features? Get in touch by filling out an enquiry form or call us on 01332 959 008.

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