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Sage CRM isn’t only able to show you orders, quotes and memos – it can also show more detailed order information.

What’s more, you can get the software to do this with a few simple tweaks!

Our CRM expert, Peter Clark, shows you how in the video below.

Prefer to read through the tips? No problem – your step-by-step guide is below!

Let’s use an example – a customer wants a way to see what items they have on Sales Orders, where the stock hasn’t been fully despatched.

We first create a specific ‘Items Not Fully Despatched’ view, which pulls out the specific data the client wants to see.

Then, we need to create lists and screens that can show that view to the end user in the CRM.

The list we create is linked to the view that we created previously.

Creating the screen means that the user is then able to search through the data.

This was linked to the view and list that we had previously created, bringing the two things together.

To present this to the user in a way that’s visually appealing without having to write lines of code, we also create a Block – containing the screens and lists we made before.

Once all of those separate parts are together in a Block, the last step is to add the Block as a menu item so that the user can see it.

To do this, we click on ‘Advanced Customisation’ in the sidebar.

Then, in next set of options, click ‘System Menus’.

In the list of menus, we scroll down to ‘Find’ – this is the menu we want the Block we’ve created to be showing in.

Clicking on ‘Find’ takes us to a screen where we can check if the Block is under the right menu.

This now means that the user has access to an ‘Items Not Despatched’ area on the main menu…

…which includes a screen.

Clicking the find button (on the far right of the screen) will bring up a screen showing the list of stock items from Sage 200 that haven’t been despatched, and the associated CRM order.

The user can add and remove columns from this screen as they see fit.

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